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Welcome Faceless Nation

Above is in my insta... but let me back up & explain....

See, the idea for "Faceless Underground Nation" started about 15-20 years ago. With a love for hip-hop I saw more & more of the music I love saying nothing. Money, Cars & Women was all I could find anymore & so I started telling friends that my bucket list dream is to make music with a twist. "Without a Face for the Fame Only the Truth in the Art Remains". I FINALLY got around to it all this time later & came to Twitter with my brilliant plan all to find out people NOT being doxed was anything but original lol. The challenge is I quickly fell in love with having a private space, none of my children's teachers or in-laws. Just me & my people. However, I saw also that many un-doxed people were often involved with a lot of fuckery in the web3 space. Ever since then I started trying to find a balance. How can I stay true to my mission & also not be roped in with shitty people? This was my solution. I want to keep the Faceless brand around my personal identity bc I have big goals in life. My dream is to take & eventually this project after I have earned the respect of Web3 to a full time career level & eventually make a hip-hop movie. This may be a dream but I'm going for it & our collab community has something special. @Twitty_Twats is the best collab opportunity in Web3 & if you are reading this you get access to the founder so a clear path to being successful with this project as well as Faceless Nation should seem evident. I cannot play favorites with Twitty, however with backstage access to me I am happy to provide an outpouring of support to help you see how to be most successful with your project or mission. In the meantime, peep some of my music & lmk how to support you.


- The Arc (AKA the Faceless Architect)




Just call me Matt! 

PS: It's okay to just keep calling me Faceless too.... lol

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